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“I want to be an artist” (Studio Art)


This postcard is from my Studio Art teacher. I hope you like it as much as I do! XoXo

Oxbridge Academic Programs

Studio Art, Barcelona 2012 is a group exhibition showing the work of nine international artists: Anjali, Amelia, Antonia, Autumn, Ayanna, Brooke, Elianne, Jessica and Olivia produced during their stay in La Escuela Preparatoria de Barcelona in July, 2012.

Throughout this month, these nine artist have combined their studies of Spanish culture and language with a Studio Art course. The aim of the course was to create a personal work of art that today we present to everybody.

During the course I explained different art tecniques and art movements, always linked to Barcelona. The city itself and its artistic background was our inspiration to create our personal work of art.

We went together to Park Güel, Casa Batlló and a Gallery with the aim of recopilation of  information and inspiration to work later individually in classroom.

Next I introduce each of them and their work for this final show: 

Some of them have been captivated by Gaudí‘s universe and use his world as inspiration for their final work. This is the case of Anjali Dhillon (Delhi, 21st October). She decided to represent Casa Batlló in a watercolor and pencil painting. Antonia Alakija (Washington D.C., 19th November) chose pencil and indian ink to represent Park Güell. Ayanna Joseph (New York, NY 10th September) likes to paint the places she has visited and in this occasion. She mixed drawing and watercolor for a personal view of Park Güell and Casa Batlló. Jessica Zubizarreta (San Francisco, CA 4th October) really likes to work with collage and she love Gaudi´s work so she decided to put both things together for her final work. She is working on a college book about Spanish culture since she arrive in June.

Some other girls decided to work from their personal universe, this is the case of Amelia Wood (Omaha, NB 3rd November); Elianne Paley (New York, NY 10th July) who painted an original self-portrait representing her own eye; Olivia Marshall (New York, NY 11th December) likes draw people and real life and had worked hard to create this personal collage about her Spanish experience; Autumn Muise (April 1997) works with many colors to create lively art based on everyday objects through the medium of painting and the last one Brooke Underwood (Atlanta, GA 24th April) likes to paint symbols of her favourite bands, and she is always inspired listening to their music.

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Oxbridge Academic Programs

Susana López, Studio Art


Hometown: Gijon (Spain)

Life outside of La Prepa: After finishing her Bachelor of Fine Arts and earning a Ph.D from Universidad de Barcelona, Susana has lived in New York, London, and Madrid. This year, she is back in Barcelona where she works as a freelance artist and curator.

Interest/Hobbies: Susana likes to read, explore the city on foot, and swim.


Sagrada Familia


I just cannot believe this. I am inside of the Sagrada Familia of Gaudí. There is a guide who is explaining us both the history and the magnificent architecture of this incredible and iconic church of the city of Barcelona.

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