Oxbridge Academic Programs

Welcome to summer 2012 with Oxbridge Academic Programs. On this site you will find blogs run by each of our programs in Oxford, Cambridge, Paris, Montpellier, Barcelona, and New York City.

Oxbridge Academic Programs has been welcoming intellectually curious, adventurous high school and junior high students to Europe every summer for over twenty-five years. Exploring the historic university towns of Oxford and Cambridge in England, and the vibrant cultural centers of Paris, Montpellier, Barcelona, and New York, you’ll learn here, through our program blogs, why we call these cities the world’s greatest classrooms. This summer we are offering over 100 courses, ranging from Archeology and Anthropology to Zoology. For detailed information on Oxbridge Academic Programs please visit our website: www.oxbridgeprograms.com.

To reach the Oxbridge Academic Programs office please use the following details:

Telephone: +1-212-932-3049

Toll Free: 800-828-8349

Fax: +1-212-663-8169

Email: info@oxbridgeprograms.com


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